New YouTube Series

I have spent a long time away from posting new content to this site and we are also going through some updates as I’m sure you can tell. That said, I would like to let you know about a new YouTube series I have started called “Tenacity Tips”. Many of you have asked questions about what I do and some require me to show you in person or video. I started the Tenacity Tips series as a way for me to share this information in two minutes or less. The topics will range from workout moves to nutrition to equipment and anything in-between.

Above is Episode 001 where I start a six episode mini-series on┬ápull-ups and variations that are possible. Soon to be uploaded will be the next mini-series, episodes 007-009 on “HIIT Bench Jumps”. Hope fully you will find the videos useful and as always, message me and comment if you have questions!